What is Reiki?

Reiki is a very gentle complementary hands-on healing technique that promotes relaxation and inner peace. When we are at peace with ourselves we can heal ourselves and glow from the inside out.

While living in this world can always cause imbalances in our well-being Reiki can help to restore the balance point - homeostasis with its particular healing effect on the cells of our body.

The benefits of Reiki are:

  • Relaxation of the tissue to reduce inflammation

  • Relaxation of the mind and body to re-energize

  • Reduction of anxiety

  • Reduction of depression

  • Reduction of cancer related symptoms

Some people say that Reiki gives them energy where they had none before.

Some people say that the warm Reiki hands make them feel loved.

Some people say that Reiki helped them to relax when they could not do it on their own.

Reiki can be received by humans, animals, and plants to help with the well-being.

Hum and Glow offers Usui Reiki for humans and animals.

During a Reiki session the recipient is fully clothed laying comfortable on a massage table. The Reiki practitioner will gently lay hands on or slightly off different parts of the body. It is recommended to wear loose fitting clothes.

Types of Reiki offered at Hum and Glow:
Usui Reiki

Usui Reiki, pure Reiki in its original form, is accompanied by powerful Reiki music.

As described above, Usui Reiki is a hands-on technique. Guided by the music the

recipient can get into a meditative state to activate their own self-healing with

the support of the Reiki hands to intensity the healing in the places where it is

needed. This is a very relaxing and healing experience.

Angel Reiki

Angels are wonderful celestial beings who love us unconditionally, support

us, and have healing powers. They bring this love and healing to us if we ask for it. Focusing on angels surrounding us, a session is accompanied by angelic music. In this way, Reiki is guided by the angels who are shining their light on us. The unconditional love of the angels allows the joy of the soul to shine through uplifting us, healing us, and raising our vibrations.

Dolphin Reiki

Dolphins are beautiful beings from the ocean with healing abilities that are shared through water. Inviting the spirit of the Dolphins of Atlantis we can invite their healing powers to cleanse our energy field of negative energies. Using a powerful combination of dolphin sounds and music together with the focus on the dolphins we can imagine dolphins swimming around us. This type of Reiki helps with cleansing the aura from all negative energy and can particularly help with stress related afflictions like migraine or anxiety. If you heard about the saying: "there is a dark cloud over his head" you understand immediately that the energy that we bring into our energy field (aura) can affect us in powerful ways. In this time and age with all the constant influences around us (commercials, news, peers) we need to constantly cleanse our energy field from negative thoughts and influences. This can be done with a cleansing Dolphin Reiki "bath".

Animal Reiki

Pets can get out of balance as well as we are. They are quite responsive to energy-based treatments. For these sessions, we come to your house, so, not to disturb your pet more by adapting to a new environment.

Distance Reiki

Supporting your well-being even if you cannot come to see us, with distance Reiki (Usui, Angel, or Dolphin type) we can connect to you through the ethers

Energy Healing

This energy healing session includes aspects of Reiki, Card Reading, coaching and others. - over the phone.



Energy Healing Session


60 minute - 100 $

​Distance Reiki Session


30 minute Session  - 30 $

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Distance Reiki

Session on the energetic level, not in person,

whereever you are

in the world.

Reiki in person

For the time being we do not offer in-person Reiki.

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