What is Hum and Glow?


Hum and Glow, led by Lisa Langlois, PhD, DMs, certified Reiki Master and certified Meditation teacher, wants so make a small contribution to healing the world by helping one person at a time using different healing modalities to become so healthy and happy that they glow.

Hum and Glow offers

Meditation is one of the essential exercises that we need in this time and age to compensate for the stress and restlessness of the world. Meditation is the practice to quiet the mind and allow the mind and body to rest, different from sleeping. At Hum and Glow we like to teach meditation to everybody besides the background.. Our program is independent and not related to any spiritual organization We offer 101 and group meetings (online) and Online Meditation Courses . To learn more about meditation click here.


Energy Healing is a very gentle complementary healing technique that promotes relaxation and self-love for people and animals. When we deeply love ourselves we can glow from the inside out. Energy healing can help particularly to alleviate pain, stress, also different cancer related symptoms. We also offer Self-healing coaching for you to learn how to heal yourself. To learn more about Energy healing click here.


Tarot and Oracle Card Reading:Card readings are helpful to understand your soul in a loving and supportive way. The focus with Card readings at Hum and Glow is not on predicting the future but to empower us and to access the inner knowing that we all have. Find guidance through the cards. Getting in touch with your inner knowing. Getting in touch with your deeper truth. To learn more about Card Readings click here

Lisa Langlois,
PhD, DMs, Reiki Master


Dr. Lisa holds a PhD in natural sciences (including physics, chemistry, and biology) from University of Bonn, Germany with a minor in Sinology. She is still actively involved with research in her specialty field, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, to analyze materials of all types and different fields.

The doctorate in metaphysical sciences (D.Ms.) was awarded to Dr. Lisa by the University of Metaphysical Sciences on the her research on Reiki. If you are interested in reading this dissertation click here.

Her practice with Reiki is based on research and self-experience. Dr. Lisa did volunteer Reiki sessions at Cancer Services Baton Rouge 2017-2020 to support cancer healing. As an Ordained Minister of the Wisdom of the Heart church, Dr. Lisa is dedicated to supporting you to find harmony in your life..

Dr. Lisa is a meditation teacher, certified by Natura Institute, and has extensive practice and understanding of different meditation practices.

Using Tarot cards for personal expansion is a hobby of Dr. Lisa for over 30 years. Now, she is offering her skills to help others with their path.

With her personal interest in the healing and empowerment of women Dr. Lisa is certified as"Wise Woman" by Dr. Christine Page through her wonderful online program "Women's Mysteries of the Modern Woman".