Other Healing Modalities

Wise women teachings

Inspired by Christine Page - Hum and Glow offers Women empowerment teachings.

- Ask us about it.

Resources for
Cancer Patients

If you are registered with Cancer Services you can enjoy special meditation with us. Sign up with us and

access the page here.


Find your way out of the old patterns that are not working for you into the life of your dreams with coaching sessions guided by Dr. Lisa.

Book your free introductory session here!

Sound healing

Using the power of sound we have wonderful ways to support the well-being of our bodies.

- Ask us about it.

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Information on the Corona Virus (COVID-19)

The Corona Virus (COVID-19) is spreading fast and even in 2021 we cannot predict how it will affect your life. For some, it is not severe but for others it is. Out of love and companionship for you all, my friends, so we can stay safe, Hum and Glow will not do any in-person events until further notice. If you are interested in healing, please, get in contact with us and ask us about Distance Reiki or Self-Healing. Everybody can learn self-healing. You can just try out the Healing meditation offered within the Free Offerings. We created Online Meditation courses with personal guidance to help you decrease your stress level and raise your immunity.

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