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What is Meditation?

Meditation is a technique that helps us relax.

Through meditation our brain can slow down for a little while, which allows the brain to regenerate and revitalize this way relaxing the whole body helping it to restore and heal. Many of us have heard of the beneficial aspects of meditation but how many of us are willing to do it every day? – Not so many. Why is that?

For a long time, I only heard about the “you have to sit still and don’t think” technique, which I call now the Zen style. This was too boring and not helpful for me. Until I learned that there are other ways to meditate I could not really do it either. The best way to keep practicing is to listen to guided programs that keep your mind busy. Meditation is a practice and cannot be comprehended by the mind.

The goal of a regular meditation practice is to get into the meditative state and cultivate a peaceful mind. 

In our programs and sessions we teach basic meditation techniques and tools that help to enter the meditative mind state and feel peaceful at the beginners level. For more advanced meditators who want to learn deeper aspects of meditation - like healing techniques, spiritual practices, energy tools, and more we teach advances techniques.

Check out our online courses here!

Daily Meditation Group

Even when you know how beneficial meditation is for you it is not always easy to stay with it. A daily meditation group helps motivating you to keep going as the energy of the group allows for a positive experience and supportive ambience.

This Daily meditation group meets every week day 8:00-8:30 am (CT).

Sign up here to join us!

The peace of meditation
Meditation online courses

Practice and learn meditating from the comfort of your home. Be mobile and take the practices with your wherever you go. Hum and Glow offers online meditation courses on different subjects - Meditation for Beginners, Chakras, Moving meditations. Get more information about the courses that are available here

All Online Meditation Courses are guided programs!

You are not left alone and have to figure it out by yourself.

Meditation Circle

The Meditation Circle is a weekly group meeting of people who want to share the fun of meditating together and helping each other to keep the practice alive. Each week we offer different subjects and techniques to practice and talk about.

We explore all kinds of meditation practices, including progressive muscle relaxation, guided meditations, slowing down your breathing, chakra breathing, using nature sounds to relax, mantra meditation, brain wave entrainment meditation, raising your vibrations, connecting to angels, and many other techniques.

Every time: new ideas, new experiences, and a lot of fun!

This class is completely online via Zoom, so, you can be part of it wherever you are in the world. For this program it is useful if you speak English. 

If there is interest in a meeting in German let us know. This is a future option.

Have something to write down your thoughts and bring an open mind.

Time: 6.30 to 7.30 pm.

Place: Online - Zoom meeting

Fee: $10 per evening or $30 per month  ($40 for a month with 5 weeks)

Sign up: You can sign up here

contact us about the class!



If you are interested in learning meditation

check out our free offerings., the new Beginners meditation course, the new Chakra meditation course or book us directly for 101 coaching.

Meditation Circle
1-on-1 Meditation Sessions

If you want personal instruction and guidance on how to improve your meditation practice connect with us and let Dr. Lisa coach you. Dr. Lisa is well versed in different meditation styles.

You can book your session online here.

Place: Online - Zoom meeting (or in person)

Fee: $50 for a  50 min session

Meditation for Advanced Students

After learning how to meditate with our Meditation for Beginners online course deepen your practice with the Chakra meditation course.- for advanced meditators. Or join us every Tuesday for the Meditation Circle to keep your practice alive and motivated. Other programs are planned.

Feel free to book your one-on-one session or contact us for group classes to expand your horizon.

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