Meditation Circle

Through meditation our brain can slow down for a little while, which allows the brain to regenerate and revitalize relaxing the whole body. Many of us have heard of the beneficial aspects of meditation but how many of us are willing to do it every day? – Not so many. Why is that? For a long time, I only heard about the “you have to sit still and don’t think” technique. This was too boring and not helpful for me. Until I learned that there are other ways to get into the meditative state. I will introduce basic meditation techniques and tools that help to enter the meditative mind state and feel peaceful.

Bring something to write down your thoughts and a favorite pillow to sit on.

Time: 6.30 to 7.30 pm.

Place: to be determined

Fee: 10$ per evening or 30$ per month.

Sign up: You can sign up here

Every week we will explore all kinds of meditation practices, including

progressive muscle relaxation, guided meditations, slowing down your breathing,

chakra breathing, using nature sounds to relax, mantra meditation,

brain wave entrainment meditation, raising your vibrations,

and many other techniques.



Meditation Program for January 2020

Schedule for January 1-7, 1-14, 1-21, 1-28

Tuesday, 6.30 -7.30 pm



On 1-7 -  The tree meditation

On 1-14 - Sacred Space

On 1-21 - Mantra meditation - Calming the Monkey

On 1-28 - Grounding and filling with positive energy

Please RSVP for this program by signing up here.

Meditation Program for February 2020

Schedule for February 2-4, 2-11, 2-18, 2-25

Tuesday, 6.30 -7.30 pm



On 2-4 -   Intro – what are brainwaves – Brainwave entrainment -

                   Meditation with BNB – Alpha, Theta, Delta

On 2-11 - Meditation with Theta – the meditative state

On 2-18 - Meditation with an Alpha and Theta mixture – Alpha bridging

On 2-25 - Meditation with a Beta, Alpha, theta, and Delta mixture – the awakened mind

Please RSVP for this program by signing up here.

Meditation for Advanced Students

At this time there is no additional class planned but feel free to contact us to plan one-on-one classes or group classes.

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