Meditation for Beginners

meditation course

Why meditate?

  • Do you feel restless?

  • Do you feel a general discomfort?

  • Do you have problems concentrating for more than 5 minutes?

  • Do you feel constantly under pressure?


The Meditation for Beginners meditation course can help you get back in harmony, find inner peace and get your focus back.

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Online Meditation Course

The Meditation for Beginners meditation course is the right choice if you always wanted to learn to meditate on your own but you could not do it. The course includes

  • 8 weeks of weekly group Zoom calls to support your experience at home

  • 8 guided meditations that help you practice

  • A fundamental introduction into the world of meditation

  • Physiological background information that help you understand the significance of meditation for your health and well-being.


8 Weeks - 8 Modules

Module 1: Learn how to sit and breathe for a successful meditation practice.

Module 2: Learn the powerful breathing meditation - follow your breath.

Module 3: Learn about Mantras and how to use them to relax.

Module 4: Learn about Binaural Beats music and how to use it.

Module 5: Learn how to control your monkey mind.

Module 6: Learn the powerful grounding technique that helps you feel safe.

Module 7: Learn how to use the powerful healing meditation.

Module 8: Questions and Answers - Repository of your questions on problems with your practice.

Bonuses: What is meditation really? - How is meditation related to our body functions? -

How can I heal myself using meditation?  - Weekly group Zoom calls with Dr. Lisa!

The Meditation for Beginners meditation course

An 8 week guided program for 88$.