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Moving Meditation 


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Why meditate?

  • Do you feel restless?

  • Are you easily anxious?

  • Do you have problems concentrating for more than 5 minutes?

  • Do you feel constantly under pressure?


The Moving Meditation course can help in your practice of getting back into peace every day right when you need it - in 15 minutes!

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Online Meditation Course

The Moving Meditation course is the right choice if you want to learn a special meditation technique to help you calm down in any situation, to help you practice inner peace instead of anxiety.

The course includes

  • 7 guided video meditations that help you with your practice

  • A 7 week program to support your growth

  • Introductory Zoom calls to support your experience at home

  • Physiological background information that help you understand the significance of meditation for your health and well-being.


The Moving Meditation course


A guided program for 57$.

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