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Types of Card Readings offered at Hum and Glow

At Hum and Glow we offer card readings using different Oracle card decks or Tarot decks. It is not the intention of a card reading to offer predictions of the future but rather to gain insight into our inner knowing, into our soul wisdom.

We will help answer questions like "How can I make my wish of so and so come true?" or: "What can I do to make this situation better for me and others involved?"

Because one thing is clear: We might not be able to predict the future but we are able to make a huge difference in was comes to us in the future if we pay attention to what we think, do, and believe - and know what we want now!

To learn more about what Oracle cards or Tarot cards are see below.

Oracle Cards

While Tarot cards are bound by a certain structure (78 cards, with specific meaning), oracle cards are not bound by these rules and can offer a completely different system of ideas, from teachings of ascended masters to messages from angels, to energies of dragons or flowers to help us heal.

At Hum and Glow we offer the wisdom of different oracle card decks.

Tarot Cards

There is a lot of confusion and superstition about card readings with Tarot cards being used to tell the future - fortune telling. In this time and age, we know that this is nonsense. We cannot predict the future as is proven by Quantum physics. The Tarot cards and the idea of predicting the future is a philosophical approach to life that was created in the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods when the scientific school of philosophy was developed. It culminated with Isaac Newtons description of mechanics.

This mechanical view of physical objects was the very first theory of physics as a science. In this view, using mathematical calculations, the properties of a physical object are limited to position (where the object is) and velocity (how fast the object is moving in a certain direction). These two properties can be predicted precisely for the past and the future once they are known a one point in time.

Quantum physics, developed in the 20th century, on the other hand observed that we cannot precisely predict position and velocity of an object for past and future. Only probabilities can be offered.

That is why nowadays the philosophy behind card readings states that card readings do not give absolute predictions but offer possibilities for the future.

This little delving into history shows how the interpretation of Tarot cards really depend on the philosophical views of the people using cards.

Tarot cards hold the collected knowledge about different stages/phase of the life as a human being, including victory, loss, abundance, sparsity, hope, and fear - just to name a few. Therefore, the cards can only really offer understanding of a psychological nature.

card reading

One-on-one session

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20 min session  - 30$

45 min session  - 60$

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