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The Chakra  Meditation Course



If you are interested in Chakras you are at the right place!

Chakras are energy centers. There are 7 main or large Chakras in the body and a number of small ones. In this CHAKRA MEDITATION COURSE we will focus on the 7 main Chakras. Through the Chakras, humans communicate/ exchange energy with the world in all aspects of life all the time.

The Base Chakra represents the foundation of life as physical beings and all the aspects that are related to it. If you have issues with your lower back, sciatica, legs and so on, your Base Chakra is probably blocked.

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Surrounding the blood, we have energy circulating in our bodies. In India this life force energy is prana. In China and Japan it is called Qi, or Ki, respectively. Chinese traditional medicine is based on the energy concept of the body. The Chakra system originating in India is just a different way of understanding energy.

The Sacral Chakra governs our emotions. In a world where logic rules, it seems useless to have emotions. However, logic cannot explain everything, and as human beings, our emotions are an important part of life, as they can give us guidance on what is right for us.

The Chakra system covers every aspect of life as a human being to help us understand and live life to the fullest of our abilities. We are supposed to shine!

The mental aspect of life is governed by the

Solar Plexus Chakra. We can analyze the world around us using knowledge and logic and can then interact with it through our actions. It is important to collect knowledge and to experience the world, but it cannot be the only way to interact with the world. The Solar Plexus Chakra is often the most active Chakra in a person, but this is not necessarily good. The Chakras work best together, and the body is healthy when the Chakras are balanced.


Each Chakra is correlated with a particular stage of development in our life. As babies we just try to come to terms with our existence. As children we realize that we have emotions, that we have desires. Then we learn to do things. We learn what love is, how to communicate with the world, how to think and what spirituality really is.

The Heart Chakra represents love in all forms and how we interact with others on a personal level. It is the most underestimated Chakra because so often, love is ignored and pushed away. But not only in movies can love have the biggest effect in life!

The exchange of energy between humans and the world around us is subtle, difficult to see - in some cases to sense. In this CHAKRA MEDITATION COURSE we use meditation as a tool to get used to the deeper experiences of the human form.

All forms of communication inside and outside of us are governed by the Throat Chakra. While speaking is obvious, listening is also part of this aspect. How well can you listen to others, or do you always feel the need to push and say what you think? How well can you listen to yourself?

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What can you see, and what is really there?

The 3rd Eye Chakra is the most famous Chakra because it is related, not only to what we can see with our physical eyes, but also to what we cannot see. The 3rd eye is supposed to be the sense of the psychic, the one that communicates with the divine and/or the spirit world. We all have the gift of intuition. In many cases, it is buried under too much logic and too much activity. Use meditation to free yourself!

What is beyond the physical? - A question that inspires everybody. With the Crown Chakra, we all have this ability to tap into the mystery and connect to the spiritual worlds, enriching our life on the Earth. This CHAKRA MEDITATION COURSE does not give you the answers to questions about spirituality but it can be a first step on the path to explore your own spirituality and the mystery of the universe, finding the answers yourself. What can be more exciting!!


There is so much to learn about the Chakras. You can read a multitude of books and learn something new in each one of them because they focus on different aspects, such as

  • what energy and what body functions are represented by the Chakras?

  • what stage in our development as human beings is related to which Chakra,?

  • what strategies are best for healing imbalances of the Chakras?

and so much more. Reading books is a mental activity and can only get you so far.

You can also practice the energy based approach with Chakra breathing. This is the basis of this CHAKRA MEDITATION COURSE!

  • 8 Guided meditations to experience the Chakras

  • Group Zoom meetings to support you with your experience

  • Plenty information about the Chakras for background reading.

  • Workbooks and exercises to practice and intensify the experience.

  • Life-time access to the program.

The CHAKRA MEDITATION COURSE is designed as a self-experience and you can take as much time as you want. If you have some experience with meditation it will be helpful but it is not required.

The Chakra meditation course
8 weeks - 8 modules


A guided program for 222$.

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