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Online Meditation courses

Meditating on the Beach

Meditation Online courses at Hum and Glow

With these interactive Online Meditation courses Hum and Glow created programs that can be described as the "best of all worlds". You can practice when and where it suits you. You do not have to get into traffic for a meditation class and get stressed out again on the way home. You can take your practice on the go, and you can come together as a group, enjoying the wonderful gift of sharing, learning together, and inspiring each other to keep going. With the support of Dr. Lisa you can overcome your hurtles in a fun and expanding way.

Each program includes:

  • at least 7 guided meditations to practice as often as you want.

  • weekly group Zoom calls for Q&A with Dr. Lisa.

  • Plenty information and exercises


All Online Meditation courses are guided programs!

You are not left alone having to figure it out by yourself.

A Tower of Stones
Meditation for Beginners meditation course

Starting to practice meditation is not easy. There is a lot that we actually need to know to help our mind to clam down. In this course you can learn 6 different meditation techniques. Understanding the reasoning behind each technique makes such a difference to motivate us to learn it. Find out more about this program here.

Beginners Course

8 week guided program


The Chakra meditation course

Chakras are energy centers and some are located inside your body. You can experience your Chakras with this guided program using meditation and the Chakra breathing technique. learn more about the program here.

Chakra course

8 week guided program


all chakras.png
The Moving Meditation Course

An alternative to the Beginners Meditation Course where you do not have to sit still to get into a peaceful state. The Moving Meditations consist of gentle arm and leg movements synchronized to your breathing. This concept helps you to relax. Learn more about it here

Moving Meditation Course

7 week video program



Disclaimer: Never listen to any meditation while operating a vehicle, or any machinery, or when you have to be aware of your surroundings. Always practice in a safe space, preferably without noises that distract you.

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