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Meditation and the 3 pillars of growth

Meditation can deliver these 3 qualities like no other technique:

a) Relaxation

The main benefit of meditation is to get from the fight-flight-freeze state into the rest-and relax state calming down the nervous system. How come we need to relax? - Life happens. Being young and energetic we can easily put away a little stress of an exam or a job interview, etc. However, over time life puts us under so much stress over and over again through school, work, family, and even hobbies that we all need to relax and remember what it really means to be deeply relaxed and stress free. Even for a little while.

The physiological benefit of relaxation are that the body can reduce hormone production, reduce blood pressure, reduce heart rate, and relax the organs, to name a few. And we need to be in this relaxed state frequently, best every day to reset the effects of the fight-flight-freeze state, as it is quite unhealthy to have the “flame burn on high all the time“.

It is so easy, to loose the ability of switching back to a relaxed body-mind state with so much aggravation around us all the time. Just starting with the news in the morning and finishing maybe with an action movie or romantic drama in the evening among a whole day of school, work, and family business – and constant cell phones! How can this be relaxing?

Long term stress is the most detrimental for our health as it causes chronic health issues that seem minor until the constant weakening of the immune system cannot protect us from major emotional life events any longer and we get serious health issues. I personally believe that this is what the COVID-19 pandemic uncovered.

Deep relaxation is the best preventive maintenance for our health!

Deep relaxation is the best preventive maintenance for our body!

Practicing deep relaxation on a regular basis through meditation, or techniques such as Reiki or prayer allows the body to reset to the “healthy” state. On the biochemical level, cells are regulated by a system called homeostasis. This describes how the chemical processes of the metabolism always returns to a basic line, the “healthy” state of the cell once a stressors entered the system and was dealt with. Our cells know what our healthy state is and they can only reset to this healthy state when we relax.

One good way for this kind of relaxation is sleep of course. It is more involuntary and once this system is “out of whack”, and we are not able to sleep consistently deep for hours at a time any more, our body and mind suffers greatly.

Another way is a steady practice of meditation and/or frequent Reiki sessions. This practice can also help improve and recover from sleep disorders.

b) Focus

Building a house can only be done setting one stone on top of the other… Our life is like a house that we want to built. It is important to know where we want to go and what goals we want to reach. Then, it is important to keep focusing on one goal at a time to achieve it. If we want to achieve our goals we need to focus.

With a world around us constantly telling us what to do, ….

all kinds of distractions, it is so easy to forget what we wanted to do. However, a daily practice of meditation that helps us to remember our goal, in the morning supports us to getting there.

If you want to achieve your goals you need to focus.

Practicing focus can be to just keep returning to what we are doing in the moment and being in the moment.

Or is can be to keep doing what we are doing without allowing distractions to take away the focus in the first place.

Finally, practicing focus can also be to listen inwardly - to relax and understand what our body needs.

c) Connect to your consciousness

The most amazing experience of meditation comes from a solid practice of deep relaxation and focus. When you have learned and allowed your body to be in the state of deep relaxation you can access a part of your inner knowing that you did not realize you had – your connection to your own consciousness.

Focusing on a particular question you can get answers from yourself that reach from solving problems in your daily life; understanding the meaning of a text/book, a piece of music, or a formula; planning an event to practicing your presentation, and so many other thought related questions.

Connecting to your consciousness also allows you understand your health issues better which helps you to heal more efficiently, including finding the people to help you and understanding what habits in your life do make you sick, and surely just letting your body do its repairing work. While you are in this deep state of relaxation your body is able to actually make you better just by “doing its thing” of homeostasis. Why do you think sleeping is often so helpful and healing?

And this is not the end of the line…

Real growth happens when you are able to listen to your own consciousness!

Real growth happens when you allow yourself to listen to what your consciousness has to say about deeper questions like “what do I really want to do”, “what can I learn from this situation”, “what does my dream look like on the energetic level”, “how can I grow from this problem”.

This is the most amazing journey that leads to yourself connecting to your True Self, the eternal being that you are without the human conditioning!

Find out more on how to relax and learn how to meditate!

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