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Moving Meditations

When the weather is cold and you cannot go outside, invite Dr. Lisa to your home with her friendly videos to help you practice some simple moving meditations. These easy to follow meditations can help you relax, calm down, and refresh mind and body in a fun way!

Check out this first video in the series of the Moving Meditations: 1 - The Wave - right now!

 If you liked this video, maybe you like the other videos as well. In each of the videos in the series of moving meditations you can practice a new move that has its origin in Tai Ji Quan or Qi Gong.
Get the
Moving Meditation online course here!

If you rather like to practice together with others join us for our weekly online Zoom meditation meeting! Meditation meetings:
Tuesday 9-9:30 am           or
Thursday 6:30 - 7:30 pm.                                        Contact us!

If you are interested in our other online meditation programs, check out this page.


At Hum and Glow, we offer all kinds of meditation training!

  • Keep motivated with daily meditation groups!! Practicing a short meditation daily at the same time in the day in a small group setting. Sign up here!

  • Keep the inspiration up with weekly meditation groups!! Enjoying the inspiration of new meditations and the discussion in a small group. Sign up here!

  • Understand meditation better with our online meditation programs: Meditation for Beginners, Chakra Meditation course, Moving Meditation course.

  • 1 on 1 coaching with Dr. Lisa! - We help you find your strength and motivation to get into a healthy practice.

We are independent and non-religious. We explore all kinds of meditation techniques to benefit the growth  and health of the individual.

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Tai Ji Quan classes

Dr. Lisa is teaching Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi) for Beginners classes at the following locations:

The Red Shoes

Wednesdays  10:30:-11:30 am

at the Park

Tuesdays and Fridays at 10 am.

contact us to find out more.


Kind words

“I recently took the "Meditation for Beginners" and the "Chakra Meditation" online courses. They were both well structured, clearly explained, and easy to follow. The exercises are extremely helpful when practicing the skills you are learning. Both courses combine online lessons with interactive calls with Lisa to clarify and discuss concepts in the course. The price is reasonable and the content is outstanding. These courses helped me to achieve deeper states in my meditations, compared to practicing on my own. I also benefited a lot from this new meditation practice - health wise and being at peace..”  Charlie F.


"After an Energy healing session with Dr. Lisa, I feel fully charged and deeply relaxed." JL


“Absolutely amazing experience! Lisa’s hands heated and were very warm as she held them above my face, which is the sign of a true healer. The energy flowing into me was was wonderfully relaxing and within 24 hours the ache in my right knee was much less.” Sarah P.


"Dr. Lisa is a gentle guide and teacher of meditation. An expert to lead you down your own path of discovery while honoring you as your own expertise of self." KL


"I have now had two Reiki sessions with Dr. Lisa Langlois. This is a new experience for me. I have had a lot of Swedish massage over the years, but Reiki feels different. After a session I felt the relaxation I get after a massage, but I also felt more energized and centered. This occurs with minimal touching. I can give her a strong recommendation." John H. 

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