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​Hum and Glow has joined the staff at Elevate

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Dr. Lisa Langlois presenting at Wellness Wednesday - an Elevate program:

Reiki at Elevate Wellness Studio

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What is Hum and Glow?


Hum and Glow, led by Lisa Langlois, PhD, DMs, certified Reiki Master and certified Meditation teacher, wants so make a small contribution to healing the world by helping one person at a time using different healing modalities to become so healthy and happy that they glow.

Hum and Glow offers Reiki sessions and meditation classes in Baton Rouge.

Hum and Glow offers

Reiki is a very gentle complementary healing technique that promotes relaxation and inner peace for people and animals. When we are at peace with ourselves we can glow from the inside out. Reiki can help particularly to alleviate different cancer related symptoms, such as pain or fatigue. Reiki is an energy medicine based hands-on healing technique.. The practitioner channels the Reiki energy through the hands with pure heart and loving intent to activate your self-healing. At Hum and Glow we offer Usui Reiki, Angel Reiki, and Dolphin Reiki.To learn more about Reiki click here.


Tarot and Oracle Card Reading:Card readings are helpful to understand your soul in a loving and supportive way. The focus with Card readings at Hum and Glow is not on predicting the future but to empower us and to access the inner knowing that we all have. Find guidance through the cards. Getting in touch with your inner knowing. Getting in touch with your deeper truth. To learn more about Card Readings click here

Meditation is one of the essential exercises that we need in this time and age to compensate for the stress and restlessness of the world. Meditation is the practice to quiet the mind and allow the mind and body to rest different from dreaming. At Hum and Glow we like to teach meditation for everybody besides the background.. Our program is independent and not related to any spiritual organization. To learn more about meditation click here.

Every week in the meditation circle different subjects are explored to enrich your experience with meditation and present the different levels that a meditation practice can encompass. Beginners and advanced practitioners of meditation are welcome. Meditation can also be taught in an one-on-one style on request.. Check below for our weekly schedule.

 Meditation Circle

Every Thursday - 6.30 to 7.30 pm


Clear your mind and recharge with meditation -
                                     Then everything will work out better.




Meditation Program for October


Schedule for October 10-3, 10-10, 10-17, 10-24, 10-31

Thursday, 6.30 -7.30 pm



On 10-3  -  The Crown Chakra

On 10-10 - Intro – Brainwaves and Binaural Beats (BNB)

                   Meditation with BNB: Alpha or Theta

On 10-17 - Meditation with Theta:  the Meditative State

On 10-24 - Meditation with Alpha-Theta: Alpha Bridging


Please RSVP for this program by signing up here.


Meditation Program for November


Schedule for November 11-7, 11-14

Thursday, 6.30 -7.30 pm



On 11-7   - Basic Meditation Techniques:  to Keep Calm During the Holidays

On 11-14 - Deserving and Receiving

Please RSVP for this program by signing up here.

Due to the Holidays there are no more meditation group evenings

for the remainder of the month.

Meditation Program for December


Schedule for December 12-5, 12-12, 12-19

Thursday, 6.30 -7.30 pm



On 12-5   -  Visit the Angels

On 12-12 - Filling yourself with Love

On 12-19 – Meditation to Raise your Vibrations

Please RSVP for this program by signing up here.

Due to the Holidays there will be no more  meditation group evenings

for the remainder of the month.

What people say:

“Absolutely amazing experience! Lisa’s hands heated and were very warm as she held them above my face, which is the sign of a true healer. The energy flowing into me was was wonderfully relaxing and within 24 hours the ache in my right knee was much less.” Sarah P.

"I have now had two Reiki sessions with Dr. Lisa Langlois. This is a new experience for me. I have had a lot of Swedish massage over the years, but Reiki feels different. After a session I felt the relaxation I get after a massage, but I also felt more energized and centered. This occurs with minimal touching. I can give her a strong recommendation." John H. 

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